Saturday, February 3, 2007

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I can't wait to share my experience with Doug Russell Marine, and how I finally found the boat part I've been looking for. A few months ago, I bought a boat from a repossession auction, but I couldn't find the part I needed to fix it. The boat is beautiful! It's a older used Sea Ray-- blue and white with a white interior. Considering I bought it from an auction, I bought it as is. Even though it needed the sterndrive replaced and a few other odds and ends, I couldn't help to think I was getting a great deal. After hearing about Doug Russell Marine, I know I got a great deal.

I started to wonder if I had really gotten the great deal I thought I had, when I started having trouble trying to find the right parts to fix it. I searched high and low, locally, and I could not find anyone who carried this one particular part. Then my father-in-law suggested Doug Russel Marine. I visited the Doug Russell Marine at A few days later, I had the part I had been looking so hard for, and with no hassles what so ever!

Considering my computer skills are a little lacking, the Doug Russell Marine website was very simple to understand, and maneuver. The easy to use search engine, located near the top of their home page, made the search for my boat part as simple as 1-2-3. I selected the engine I have, chose a category, and was given a list of boat parts to choose from. Not only did I get my parts for a very reasonable price from Doug Russell Marine, the customer service I received was awesome!

My parts arrived by mail 4 days after I placed my order. There were no mistakes, it was exactly the part I had ordered. I am so amazed with the quality of the part. I couldn't be more pleased.

Doug Russell Marine gets two thumbs up from me, and in the future, I will always use them to purchase my boat parts. Not only that, I've told all my boating buddies, as well as my brother. I hope they will spread the word, as well.

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